1. Photos from our debut exhibit at Arts and Fashion Week FAT 2012

  3. Behind the scenes - Setup of Broadcast People at |FAT| 2012 Arts & Fashion Week



    Broadcast People is a narration of the impending, an individual’s future defined by the choice to go public or remain private.

    A fusion of photography and social media, the project is a live interactive installation that invites members of the public to participate by entering the “Public Domain”  and triggering cameras by pushing a single red button.

    The project’s purpose is to record the movements of each interaction. Based on the popular Facebook question: is your profile public or private?, the answer produced is an expression of modern day intimacy and the ever present want for connection.  

    The first live debut of Broadcast People will be at Arts & Fashion Week 2012, aka FAT2012

    Location : 213 Sterling Road

    24 - 28 April 2012

    7PM - 12MN EST. 

  7. If you had a favorite thing, what would it be? 

    If you could share anything, what would you say? 

    Broadcast People is an interactive art piece, inviting strangers to share their thoughts live on air through photography and the internet. A social media experiment conceptualized by Gwen Brydson, it’s debut screening will be at Arts & Fashion Week [FAT2012], 24 - 28 April 2012, 7 - 12PM EST. 

    For live video streaming of the project and more information, visit www.broadcastpeople.net